Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Interfacing... Optional

On the tube, I would say roughly 80% of those on it have their heads buried in a newspaper or magazine (fake reading or not) and more and more (sadly so) focused on their games for the iPhone…  So, you don’t really get to see many faces – just the tops of heads.  Some follically challenged and others who could do with a touch more moisture on their scalps. 

Often, you end up focussing on the one same person – whatever the reason - for the duration of your commute.  I don’t know why this is but it is true.  We start to observe… The shoes? Nice.  The jacket? Very nice.  Top? Just lovely.  Handbag? Well, let’s just say that if she had a looser grip on it I’d bloody well knick off with the damn thing!!

Then she looks up.


With headphones on, I honestly can’t say whether my gasp was in my head or whether it was out loud…

What could the poor person have done that was so bad in a past life that made her deserved of having a face like that?  I think I have seen pugs with eyes deeper set than hers and she had a mouth that could rival any collie lacking 14years worth of dental attention.    

Panic sets in.

Where the HELL do you look???!

You start to quickly search over all the adverts on the carriage – preferably the ones with the most text -so to keep you occupied and focussed on something as long as possible other than what is in front of you.  Maximum effort is needed to lose the facial expressions that clearly show how shocked you are and quite frankly, a little wierded out…

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  1. .... and there is your reason as to why seasoned commuters never look up!